Recovery After Covid19

Recently more and more good news are coming up for countries that have fought successful about the Corona virus. China’s exhibitions are open as of June 2020 all over the country and SNIEC resumes business by the 3rd week of June. Thailand is looking at opening up for exhibition business sometimes in July and Germany is discussing the opening for bigger size events by September.

Overall Covid19 has cost the industry 2 valuable quarters of business and billions of dollars for the MICE industry and its related businesses. Exhibition organisers in particular are hit hardest by not being able to host their offline shows. Small, medium and family owned companies are suffering even more and some are in threat of default.

Expos Asia has continuously supported governments in Asia for valuable advice on the Covid19 pandemic and is offering valuable solution on the post Covid19 recovery in this sector. Expos Asia and its team also supported more than 20 smaller and medium sized family owners in the last 3 months of not going into default and provided consultation to make the businesses even stronger post the crisis.

Today we are happy to announce that all M&A deals for the our clients that were put on hold by February/March are resuming and that we have safe-guarded companies in Vietnam, Thailand, India, Malaysia and China of not going into default. Many of the business we consult have survived the first wave of the crisis and we are continuously making efforts to find the best possible international business partners and organisers to go through this crisis together. Read the lastest report of EAC published at our website (see PDF ).

We strongly believe that the 3rd and 4th quarter will be more successful for our industry and that we can hopefully witness a sharp recovery by 2021.

Expos Asia has also formed a partnership with Tesi Baur and Udo Schuertzmann to form a powerful network of independent advisors and consultants that will bring our industry forward. If you are interested in post Covid19 recovery management, strategy consulting and change management as well investment consultation through our network please be in touch and contact me by

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